Saturday, February 13, 2010

passion love

Once there was this whale. She was pretty content. She thought that maybe she couldn't even be happier. She went to school and found a job that she liked real well. She spent special time with her family and friends, and even bought herself fancy new shoes. Everyday she would watch the sun rise and set, and think
"Well, that was sure nice".

Then one day, another whale came to town. He was soo cute.
He paid real special attention to her and she felt butterflies in her stomach.
Boy did they hit it off. He put some love in her heart
and then she put some love in his heart and
then they just kept putting more and more love into each other's hearts,
back and forth like this.

Everyday their hearts grew bigger and bigger and more and more full of love. At first she wondered if her heart would hold it all... what if it exploded or something!

But then she decided to chance it. She fell in love. And her life was never the same.