Monday, March 1, 2010

It's almost Spring!

Spring has come early to my heart. I first sensed it when I saw all the daffodils popping up everywhere all bright and yellow and joking around. Then today, while driving up the 101, the wildflowers in the hills and all along the freeway just stole my heart! I'm suddenly buzzing like a bumble bee!

And as expected I am feeling on the brink of change and growth, and I'm ready to kick things up a notch. This Spring I want to embrace life more abundantly, and take a step into deeper faith, hope, and love. The journey begins...


  1. It is wild how a change is season draws us to changes! abundant, deep, hopeful, loving type of stuff! I like your blog btw! you buddy ash has got me into this whole blog thing. and so has mike and jen lol.
    See ya later!

  2. Wildflowers in the hills on a sunny day adds a spring to the step, like all is well with the world.